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Since our inception in 1990 we have gained a wealth of experience in printing, and through continuous innovation, we have provided the best quality and timely delivery for our valued customers, building up a loyal and trusting clientele in the process. Over the years we have endeavoured to provide a one stop multi-faceted printing and design service for numerous commercial enterprises, government departments, charitable organizations and education establishments.

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It is our professional and sincere attitude, welcoming all different customer requirements , dedicated staff following each order, striving to achieve value for money, our flexibility, fast response and high quality error free service which has allowed us to consistently deliver outstanding products.

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Costumer Services

提供各項商業設計及專業印刷服務:包括宣傳單張、精裝書刊、海報、貼紙、禮品盒、紙袋、日常商務印刷品 (咭片、信封、信紙、表格及公文袋… ) 歡迎客戶提供構思方案,可依照紙辦、啤裱及各種精美加工製作。

We provide a wide range of professional printing and design services including: promotional leaflets, booklets, newsletters, posters, swing tickets, stickers, calendars, paper bags, menus, banners, regular commercial printed items (invoices, business cards, envelopes, letter headed stationery etc..). We welcome customers to provide their own specifications, samples and colour schemes for us to follow, as well as cutting moulds, adhesives and any other materials necessary for all kinds of individual fabrication work.